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Immediate dentures are a type of removable denture that is inserted on the same day that natural teeth are extracted.

These are great for two reasons, both of which benefit you as a patient!

First of all Immediate dentures prevent you form the embarrassment of having to go a period of time with no teeth. this can be quite a concern, especially if you are having some or all of your front teeth extracted.

Secondly inserting an immediate denture as soon as the teeth have been removed works similarly to a compression bandage in a sense, it helps to reduce swelling and keeps all the good things in and keeps all the nasty's out.

Unlike traditional dentures, which are given to the patient and fitted after the gums have healed following extractions, immediate dentures are prepared in advance, allowing you to leave our clinic wearing your new dentures.

Immediate Replacement:

Aesthetic Outcomes ~ Immediate Dentures offer wonderful aesthetic outcomes because they help maintain the appearance of your smile and facial features, preventing the immediate visible effects of tooth loss.

Gum Protection ~: Immediate dentures can act as a protective barrier over the healing gum tissues, reducing bleeding, minimizing swelling, and protecting the surgical sites.

Speech Improvement: Having teeth in place immediately can help with speech and pronunciation during the adjustment period to wearing dentures.

Psychological Benefits: Immediate dentures can offer psychological benefits by providing a sense of normalcy and preventing the potential embarrassment of being without teeth.

The fit of immediate dentures may become less precise as the tissues heal, necessitating adjustments or Denture Reline. It's important to note that immediate dentures will require adjustments over time as the gums and bone heal and change shape. This is often at a much more rapid rate due to the recent extractions.

Once your permanent denture has been constructed a Denture Reline is recommended every 2 -3 years.

Onsite Dentist

Because Dentures by Crown is so closely linked with Crown Holistic Dental we have a team of expert Dentist on site and they are able to take care of any dental extractions that you may need.

Which means you can have all of your Immediate Denture and Dental Extraction needs taken care of in the one visit without you having to run around to different practices.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures.

  • Immediate dentures provide a quick replacement for missing teeth

  • Quick replacement for missing teeth

  • Maintains smile, and appearance of facial features.

  • Acts as a protective barrier for healing gums

  • Improves speech during the adjustment period

  • Provides immediate psychological benefits

Considerations of Immediate Dentures.

  • Immediate Dentures will require adjustments as gums heal

  • Initial adaptation challenges for some individuals

    (it takes time to get used to such a significant change in your mouth)

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