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Clear Clasps For Partial Dentures

No one will ever know you are wearing a Partial Denture.

Clear clasps are generally transparent, tissue coloured or tooth coloured, and are used to keep partial dentures in place.

They also help to enhance the natural look of your dentures, so that it not always apparent that you are even wearing them.

Your dental Prosthetist will work with you to ensure that clear clasps fit well and are comfortable to wear.

But perhaps best of all no-one will ever know you are wearing them! They have superior strength so there is no need to worry about them breaking, as they are just as durable as the old method of constructing metal clasps for your Partial Dentures.

The can be fitted to Partial acrylic Dentures and also to Partial Chrome Dentures, the choice is yours!

Say Goodbye to Metal Clasps

Old Metal Clasps are a thing of the past. At Dentures by Crown we provide affordable dentures that are also cosmetic dentures because we improve your smile by eliminating the need for old ugly metal clasps. Clear Clasp technology will ensure no one need every know you are wearing a partial Denture.

  • High Impact Strength

  • Clasps available in Clear, Pink or Tooth coloured options.

  • Flexibility - for greater Patient Comfort.

  • Easier to Insert or Remove your Patrial Denture.

  • Added to Existing Partial Dentures

  • Added to Temporary Dentures

  • Added to New Dentures

  • Stain Resistant.

Clear Clasps can be added to existing dentures in just one day!

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